Recent Testimonials
75 Units and Under

“Matt with the 75 Units and Under Team brought us multiple qualified offers. He did a great job handling the process from start to finish. We hope to work with Matt again in the future.”

Seller of Hampton Gardens

“I’d like to thank you again for helping me sell my two fourplexes. I couldn’t believe two days after you listed the properties I received a full ask, cash offer!

I have sold over 15 properties in the last 20 years and no transaction has ever been so easy. I look forward to doing business with you again!”

Seller of Cambric Park, October 2017

“Love it. Great work my man! I couldn’t be more impressed by Joey Murry and the 75 Units and Under team’s effort, market knowledge, client guidance and professionalism. I felt you guys were the right team once I met you and now it’s clear, I made the right decision.

Many thanks to Bard Hoover as well. I appreciate your guidance and oversight during the process. Hope to work with you guys many more times, it was a great experience.”

Seller of Colorado, September 2017

Working with the Fluellen Hoover Team of Marcus & Millichap made the sale of our property smooth and helped us to ensure that we received the best price possible. Being in a secondary market can present challenges when selling, but the Marcus & Millichap team did a great job of marketing the property, bringing in buyers, and showing the value such that we were able to hit our pricing guidelines. The Fluellen Hoover Team was always responsive during the process and ready to help both ourselves and our potential buyers. In the end they generated multiple offers, and we were able to chose the best one and close quickly.

Seller of Bainbrook, January 2017

“I am extremely pleased to have worked with Scott Ogilvie. Scott helped me identify a value-add asset in June of 2015, and during the holding pattern, assisted me with asset management. Together, we were able to grow the Net Operating Income by 345.8 percent and then sold Casa Azul in May of 2016 for more than a 20 percent gain. Scott’s assistance through the holding period and during the sale in was far above our investments groups’ expectation. With that said, I plan on working with Scott again in the future and would recommend him and his team for any asset 75 Units and Under.”

Seller of Casa Azul

“I had bought a property from the 75 Units and Under Team in the past and knew their level of communication and market knowledge was top notch. I was pleasantly surprised when they put together an analysis on an asset I was considering selling as their proposed price per door seemed very aggressive. Within two weeks of being on the market, we were agreed to with a cooperating broker’s buyer and soon closed the transaction at over $43,500 per unit for my Cockrell Hill property! The 75 Unit and Under Team closed my property at 98 percent of their ORIGINAL list price, and were very diligent in keeping me up to speed throughout all phases of the transaction. I will be using this Team in the future for additional dispositions.”

Seller of Las Casas en las Colinas, February 2015

“The 75 Units and Under Team made their recent listing available to me and cooperated in a professional fashion. They communicated diligently and were fair in the way they represented the seller’s interests. Every transaction has it’s challenges, but luckily working with the 75 Units and Under Team made the transaction smooth. I would continue to bring clients to the 75 Units and Under Team in the future.”

Buyer's Broker of Las Casas en las Colinas, February 2015

“Working with the 75 Units and Under Team was a pleasure from the get go. As with any deal, we ran into various hurdles and hiccups, and Scott and his team were there to facilitate getting the deal done. The marketing materials, as well as the due diligence items, were well put together, which gave us a real head start on closing this transaction. We would not hesitate one minute to work with Scott and the 75 Units and Under Team again in the future.”

Buyer of Woodland Trails Apartments, February 2015

“Throughout our sale, the 75 Units and Under Team was attentive to the unique demands of our transaction, and got the deal done where others had failed.”

Seller of Kent Apartments, October 2014

“The 75 Units and Under Team had sold an apartment complex for me a few months ago and has now sold me his Kent listing as the buyer. They were honest and straightforward through the transaction and was instrumental in moving the process to the closing table. This was not my first deal to close with the 75 Units and Under Team, nor will it be the last!”

Buyer of Kent Apartments, October 2014

“The 75 Unit and Under Team did a phenomenal job of advising me through the marketing process. They brought qualified buyers to the asset and quickly identified a favorable all-cash offer. Our first buyer to go to under contract ended up closing the transaction. Their advice was appropriate and thoughtful, and they looked out for my best interests. For any multi-family asset in Texas, The 75 Units and Under Team is the right team to get your deal sold.”

Seller of Highland Park Court, September 2014

“Working with the 75 Units and Under Team proved to be successful. I know that my property was marketed aggressively and exposed to the right buyer pool. There was constant communication, and I was never confused as to where things stood. I can recommend this team with confidence.”

Seller of Reiger Apartments, August 2014

“We knew we wanted to use Marcus & Millichap initially and were referred over to the 75 Units and Under Team because of their specialization in properties like ours. We were very impressed with their market expertise, and their pricing recommendation proved to be on point. Looking back, we know that our asset was put in front of the right buyers and are very satisfied with the process by which our asset was sold. We would recommend the 75 Units and Under Team for maximizing the value of an apartment sale.”

Seller of Fossil Ridge, August 2014

“We greatly appreciate Kevin’s market expertise. Being an out of state investor, it’s good to have someone with local market knowledge that you can trust. After an initial assessment, we realized it would be a good time to market the property. Kevin and his team represented our interest very well from tours, to negotiations, to handling post-closing logistics. Please take Kevin and the 75 Unit and Under Group into consideration when looking to market your property.”

Seller of Arbor View, July 2014

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Kevin Parrish on closing the Arbor View Apartments in Fort Worth. He presents himself in a very professional manner, has excellent communication skills and was very diligent in getting this transaction to the closing table. He even stayed on top of the deal during a critical time frame while he was out of town. I highly recommend Kevin and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Buyer’s Broker of Arbor View, July 2014

“The 75 Units and Under Team are a great team and the “go to guys” on small to medium size apartments in Dallas-Fort Worth. I give them my highest recommendation. They know the Dallas-Fort Worth apartment market better than anyone else. With their national platform and ability to draw international buyers to the table, The 75 Units and Under Team handle transactions with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. We have closed several transactions for their team and I am impressed on the quality of buyers that they uncover. Exposing your property to a larger audience can only help you find qualified buyers. Again, my highest regards.”

Mortgage Broker for La Plaza Townhomes, June 2014

“I was able to get my client a fair shot at Casa San Luis and enjoyed working through the process with the 75 Units and Under Team. They were quick communicators and acted with integrity. I hope to close more transactions with The 75 Unit and Under Team in the future.”

Buyer’s Broker of Casa San Luis Apartments, May 2014

“My experience using the 75 Units and Under Team went superb. I had an offer within 3 days, and they turned it into an executed contract within a week. The 75 Units and Under Team brought a great buyer to the table and sold the property for a sale price that I was very pleased to accept. I look forward to doing more deals with you in the future. Great job guys. We truly appreciate your expertise in selling apartments.”

Seller of Casa San Luis Apartments, May 2014

“The 75 Units and Under Team was very helpful and professional during the constant negotiating that occurred with this deal. It took a lot of work to finally make a deal that would work between the buyer and seller. The 75 Units and Under Team showed determination to make this deal work.”

Seller of Tuscan Court, April 2014

“We navigated successfully through some turbulent waters and saw a transaction through to the end that left both buyer and seller feeling pleased with the results. I look forward to working with the 75 Units and Under Team again soon and recommend them highly to any owner looking to sell.”

Buyer’s Broker of Tuscan Court, April 2014